During the Kinetic Financial Summit, you will be presented with detailed information on various public and private infrastructure investments, Opportunity Zone advantages, various tax laws and structures available, as well as real social impact investing that is making a difference.
A rising tide lifts all boats. Today's opportunities are the foundation that help shape the future. The ancillary returns on an investment are sometimes far more valuable than an ROI. Be a part of the future - be a disruptor and make an impact that counts!
Spanish is one of the largest and fastest growing demographics in the world. It is spoken officially on more continents and in more countries than any other language. The fastest growing sports are dominated in the Spanish speaking world, mainly soccer (or properly called football). The fastest growing media companies are Telemundo and Univision.

Companies serving and expanding into the Spanish speaking communities are the fastest growing companies in the world. Yet, the Spanish speaking world ranks the lowest in financial services. The United States and the rest of the Western world looks to the East and West.  It is time they start looking South, to the Southern Cone!

China and other nations have recognized the opportunity and are rapidly deploying into Panama and South America, where you can find some the largest commodity producers, fastest growing manufacturing sectors, and a growing service sector.

While it is true, there are currency and national risk considerations, to ignore the opportunity will only mean a missed opportunity and to continue to see other nations gain a further foothold. 
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Companies serving and expanding into the Spanish speaking communities are the fastest growing companies in the world.

Cruise ships in the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico provides a unique opportunity for those doing business in the global financial markets.
  • Bilingual educated work force of lawyers, accountants, engineers and financial professionals
  • A top 10 Engineering University, the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, is producing bi-lingual engineers being recruited by the global 100 companies.
  • Manufacturing hub – big pharma industry (Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, AMGEN, and others produce and manufacture in PR)
  • Aerospace & Defense Cluster at Aguadilla (previously the U.S Ramey Air Force Base) with Lufthansa, Pratt & Whitney, and others.
  • Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in the process of remediation of one of the world’s largest naval bases for private sector use.
  • Commercial Sea Ports – two of the largest seaports in the Caribbean are located in PR
  • Hi-tech Service Hubs – several hi-tech software and technology companies requiring bilingual (Spanish) employees are springing up across the island to serve the international markets. 
As a Commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico is afforded all of the same protections as any U.S. state; all regulations and laws apply, including the banking and financial service sectors.

However, as a territory without representation in the U.S. federal government, Puerto Rico does not fall under the full-control of the U.S. Treasury and Internal Revenue Service. Simply speaking, Puerto Rico is the embodiment of the phrase, “No Taxation without Representation!”

This has allowed Puerto Rico to shape diverse corporate legal structures to attract numerous businesses: manufacturing, service, finance, R&D, and others.

These tax structures provide low corporate tax rates (as low as 4%), transferable tax credits, and a variety of incentives to operate in Puerto Rico and provide jobs and international services. 
Capitol Building in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Castillo San Felipe del Morro San Juan, Puerto Rico
Now is the time as the government is beginning to recover from Hurricane Maria, the Opportunity Zone for investing in real-estate, that we begin to see investments and positive changes.

Inefficiencies breed opportunities and large margins. It is not easy, but it is that barrier to entry that provides the largest returns.

Puerto Rico is becoming the new Singapore, with unique access to the Southern Cone and its international tax advantages.

Kinetic International has selected Puerto Rico, due to its natural bridge between Spanish speaking world and the U.S. Financial Markets, because it offers a unique opportunity to expand internationally.

It is that barrier to entry that provides the largest returns.