The force behind the Summit is Kinetic International.

Kinetic is bringing back the bespoke financial services that were once offered by exclusive institutions. We do this by providing unique products, flexible financing solutions, international tax structures, and financial logistics all tailor made to our clients and investors.

The Company

Kinetic, is an international investment bank providing bespoke services.

We are seeking clients, partners, and investors who wish to be part of this story, to help shape the future and to be part of the first to establish Puerto Rico as an international financial center.

We have brought together the best in class to help investors, companies, and those in the business and financial sector to be a part of this unique opportunity.

We do this by providing unique products, fintech solutions, flexible financing, best in class networking and financial logistics all tailor made to our clients.

Our Services

Unique international product offerings suited for both U.S. and international investors. From start-up companies to large scale investment projects.
Introductions to the best in class partners and services. We seek out and vet the best in class to help you with a variety of financial and business needs. Your success is our success.
FinTech Solutions
Providing unparalleled financial technologies to seek opportunities and manage risk. Technology helps mitigate risk, provide transparency, and expands opportunities.
Financial Logistics
Financial Logistics plan to increase Alpha, by increasing revenue and/or reducing costs. The only thing large in your company, should be your margins. We seek to expand margins via legal, tax, financial engineering, networking, and bespoke capital raising services.
Flexible Financing
Bespoke structured financing services for accredited investors and companies. Solving the financing needs that meets each unique investment to find a road to success for the project and the investor.

Kinetic International is the financial logistics company.
Increasing margins and expanding international market access.

KINETIC INTERNATIONAL is subject to U.S. federal laws and rules related to North American banking practices, having to comply with the federal regulations governing all US banks: CIP, AML, BSA and Patriot Act.