A thank you to all who attended.
The Kinetic Financial Summit, that was held this year from February 27th until March 1st, was an overwhelming success! We would like to thank you for coming and be part of our event. We hope you join us next year as we continue to seek out new opportunities, join forces and build the future.
To get an impression of the 2019 Summit, be sure to watch the retrospective video below.

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Antiguo Casino of Puerto Rico, San Juan
The Kinetic Financial Summit is a 3-day event providing high-level Financial Logistics. We are bringing together experts in their respective fields to provide a detailed overview, followed by an open discussion and Q&A in various subjects. These subjects include: market and economic risks, investment opportunities, shifts in global market trends, and international tax structures.

Opportunities arise from market and economic inefficiencies. Puerto Rico faces challenges, as it continues to emerge and adapt from the Bond Crisis and Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico has a foundation that is primed to become a key player in the Spanish speaking international market. No doubt, it is a challenging and difficult time, but those who are willing to be part of the solution are also the ones who help shape the future and are rewarded for their efforts.

This is not just a Puerto Rico story, this is an international story. As the U.S. continues to look East and West, it is time we also look South – to the Southern Cone. There is a larger economic and strategic shift in the global markets. Trade, Economics, Currency, and even National Security all play a key role in the future and Puerto Rico is slowly becoming a player on the international chess board.


During the Kinetic Financial Summit, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with experts in their respective fields across a variety of topics. We have selected the best in class to share their knowledge from tax advantages, legal structures, real estate investments, revitalization projects, to federal reserve insights and more.

The oldest city in the U.S. is becoming the newest city for International Finance.

100 years ago, Old San Juan was the Wall Street of the Caribbean.
Today, it is seeing a rebirth of private international investment banking. 


The Condado Vanderbilt is a historic luxury hotel that has a storied heritage of elegance now fused with distinctly modern amenities. This unique San Juan beach resort -- originally built in 1919 by the Vanderbilt family, marked the beginning of high-end tourism in Puerto Rico. Now fully restored to its distinguished and luxurious patina the hotel is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s most stylish neighborhood located on Ashford Avenue in the district of Condado. The hotel is currently celebrating it’s 100-year anniversary.

A private event, bringing together leaders in financial services, investments, economics and international tax law to discuss changes in the global markets and seeking opportunities.  

This is a private event, respecting Chatham House Rules, thus providing a unique opportunity to talk with critical players that are part of this paradigm shift.

Event Highlights: 
  • Banco Español - the oldest bank in Puerto Rico, commissioned by Spain as the bank of the Spanish government. This historic building begins construction to become the first exclusive finance and economics club serving the Caribbean and the Spanish speaking world. 
  • ISX (Fintech) - Witness the official launch of what will change the way we invest in the private financial markets today.
  • Demo of MapPlus (“Eye in the Sky”) state of the art technology providing high resolution data of Puerto Rico for various projects (Public, Private, Energy, etc.)
  • Private Round Table sessions with key leaders and coordinators on major infrastructure projects, including Aerospace & Defense Cluster and the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base project.
  • Kinetic International – a new breed in bespoke international private investment banking focused on Financial Logistics.
  • Federal Reserve 2019 insights provided by a former Federal Reserve official.
  • Special Event at one of the historic monuments of Puerto Rico, Cuartel de Ballaja, located in Old San Juan.
  • Formal Gala at the classic historical Antiguo Casino in Old San Juan with live Salsa music and special guests.

Every trade is a decision weighting the
Risk vs. Reward.

Your risk is your time!
The reward – unknown opportunities.

That is a damn good Risk vs. Reward ratio.